voiture hybride electrique


Why buy an electric vehicle?

The electric vehicle, like the hybrid, is a clean car that runs on power rather than fuel. If you are a car enthusiast you can participate in the Monaco Grand Prix 2019. However, the manufacture and storage of the energy consumed by the engine causes various types of contamination. The term electric car currently covers several theories which have in common to use an electric motor for all or part of the propulsion. They differ in autonomy and CO2 emissions.

Maintenance costs

Although it is still difficult to measure the exact maintenance costs of an electric car, it is generally accepted that they are about 25% lower than those of a petrol or diesel car. Discover the Official Formula One Paddock Club. For batteries, you will not need to perform any daily maintenance. However, like any battery, it is a lifetime that should not be exceeded with the probability of seeing your mileage capacity limited. The battery of an electric car fluctuates between 7 and 10 years. You will have your brakes to change significantly less often with an electric car. Really, the steering is different from a traditional vehicle. Indeed, the electric car’s power supply absorbs part of the energy used during electric braking, so conventional brakes are used less. For other mechanical and digital elements.

Steps to recharge your electric car

Battery technology is constantly evolving but, until now, an electric car still needs to be recharged frequently. Simply connect the supplied cable when you purchase your car to a traditional grounded outlet. Simply have your installation checked as there is a possibility of overheating during the 10 to 13 hours that the charge will last. To avoid this, most manufacturers recommend installing a wall box, and of course the configuration that must be done by a specialist. This wall box will allow you to recharge your electric car much faster and in a totally secure way. In addition, you can get financial assistance for the installation of the equipment through a tax.

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