Where and how to rent a car?

Holidays are fast approaching, you have to go on a household, solo or a short holiday? Are you likely to travel by car and want to save as much as possible? Taking the wheel of a car is one of the most economical and easy-to-use solutions. You should be aware that an increasing number of men and women are opting for an alternative that is developing during their car rental holidays. Renting a vehicle is the most fascinating and cheapest, especially if a vehicle is not used by you. You should be interested in car rental if you live personally in a large city. It is interesting to rent a car that can accommodate the whole family, as opposed to buying a vehicle all year round. Contact private driver French Riviera for more informations.  Car rental is undoubtedly the economical and practical solution for intimate or family travel. Not only for holidays, for weekend trips, but also for transfers. Anytime and anywhere you want to be aware that short-term rental allows you to have a vehicle adapted to your requirements and accessible at all times.

The advantages of short-term car rental

Renting a car is a smart and economical way to get around. You must meet specific conditions to rent a vehicle for a short period of time. In reality, the lessor takes in return many guarantees for the delivery of a vehicle whose value is significant. For example, you will be asked to provide support files. As a customer of the rental service and driver of the car designated in the contract, you must generally: be over 21 years of age, not all leasing companies apply the same requirements of the same time. Then, you must have a legal driver’s license for at least one year and corresponding. Attention: when renting so-called “luxury” or “prestige” cars, the age and duration of driving licences could be increased. They often require that the customer have both credit cards. Attention: for the rental of so-called “luxury” or “prestige” cars, the age and duration of the driving licence could be increased. They require that the customer have both credit cards.

Travelling by minibus

Family trips, holidays with friends, association trips, sports weekends for staff, musical tours or just to try out… Do you need more volume than a car? Renting is the solution. There are only two ways to rent a minibus adapted to your needs and share user-friendly and unique minutes in complete security. A spacious, practical and comfortable car, the minibus has become the most economical and practical means of transport for group travel. You don’t have to count your money or your bag.

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